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mypetstop is located in Washington, Tyne and Wear near the Nissan car plant between Newcastle and Sunderland.  We are a one stop shop for your pets every need.  We provide boarding kennels for dogs, a catteryboarding for rabbits, birds, and small animals. We also offer dog training courses, obedience classes and puppy training, as well as dog grooming, doggy day care,day and night short stays and we even have an on site veterinary practice.

We are all pet people and own pets just like you, which is why we understand how hard it can be to leave your pet in someone else’s care when you go away. mypetstop is a different kind of pet boarding centre providing a wide range of services and extraordinary facilities.

We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty because we really understand what’s needed to keep your pet happy and healthy. And we genuinely love every minute of it!

Our accommodation facilities are modern and spacious, built with your pet in mind, and if you join our Doggy Day Camp or do obedience classes, you’ll be impressed with our huge indoor purpose built arenas.

Why not come along for a FREE one day trial and experience everything we have to offer!

Our dog boarding kennel services include dog walking, playtime and quality one-to-one time tailored to your pet’s personality.

We even offer additional services for them to enjoy, like hydrotherapy for dogs, pet grooming, training courses and clubs. That’s enough to get anyone's tail wagging!

We offer dog boarding, cat boarding and even boarding for small animals and birds.

If you have not had a swim or groom with us before and would like our offer of 25% off a swim or groom click on the pages above and sign up for your voucher.

Cattery and Cat Boarding

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    Our Lionhead rabbit has stayed at mypetstop whenever we go away. We are fortunate to live closeby, but we find the care worth every penny and it's reassuring to know trained staff are seeing to her needs daily in such a clearly professional and caring environment. We have had to ring and ask for an extra day in the past and this time had to call back with payment card details when we got home. All of these and other issues have always been dealt with in the most helpful and friendly manner. The staff clearly spend time with Pickles each day giving her the feeding, exercies and grooming she needs. We enjoy reading the report of her stay that she brings home. I'd recommend the service to anyone. It's value for money too.

  • 1234

    I can't recommend mypetstop highly enough. I don't like having to leave my dogs when I go on holiday but I know they will be very happy and well cared for. So much so that when we collect them one of them would really quite like to stay!

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