While the pets are the most important inhabitants of mypetstop, it’s our team of staff who knit the place together.

Their professionalism goes without saying, but it’s their love of animals that earns us our reputation. You only have to be shown round on the tour to see how much they enjoy their job.

    Gillian Salmon

    center manager

        Catherine Nelson


        I have worked for mypetstop for nearly 13 years and have owned mypetstop for the last 4 ½ years.

        I have always had rabbits and horses but only recently did I buy my first dog.

        Hebbie is a Westie puppy and is 6 months old now.  She goes to our grooming parlour on a regular basis and Steph trims her nails and gives her a puppy groom.

        Hebbie is a proper little girl and loves lots of fuss. She experienced her first swim two weeks ago and took to it immediately with the help of Amy our hydro therapist.

        Experiencing these things with Hebbie makes me really appreciate what a great set of talented people we have in the business and how committed to the pets well being everyone is.  My job is behind the scenes keeping the business ticking over, making sure everyone is paid and the business can stand on its own two feet financially,  so it has been wonderful to experience the services we offer first hand.


            glynis williams

            Deputy Manager

            I have worked as a Customer Carer at mypetstop since May 2009.  I have two dogs of my own a Lhasa Apso named Angel who is 5 years old and a Shih Tzu named Mylo who is 1.5 years old.  I love meeting customers and their many different animals when they come in to experience our many services.  mypetstop is a great environment to work in.

                joanne davis

                customer carer

                I’ve worked for mypetstop for many years in Customer Carer. I own two dogs, one cat and three goldfish. I love my job because I love animals, I love talking to people and no two days are the same.

                    kelly morton

                    Deputy Manager

                    I started to work at mypetstop in November 2011. My favourite part of my role is meeting the wide variety of great customer we have and of course their owners. I have a Shih Tzu named Louie and a Westie named Mitsy.

                        lisa o’reilly

                        customer carer

                        I started to work at mypetstop in April 2011. I love it when all of the new puppies come into the centre for their first training class and I am able to see them progress onto the higher levels. I also love meeting the great variety of people who come into the centre. I have three pets of my own a Goldendoodle names Murphy who is 4 years old, a Ragdoll Cat named Indie who is 6 years old and a Selkirk Rex Cat named Binx who is 5 years old.