leanne charlton


    I started to work at mypetstop in 2010. I love helping the dogs in hydrotherapy and seeing their rehabilitation for medical conditions. Its amazing how quickly dogs get fitter and stronger and they can start to enjoy doggy life again. I have two pets. A Degu Called Vinnie and a Chihuahua called Mia.

    I have previously worked in a Vet for 7 years as a Ambulance Driver/Nurse and have an NVQ in Animal Management as well as a Level 3 Diploma in Medical Hydrotherapy.

        claire smiles

        senior pet carer and hydrotherapist

        I started to work at mypetstop in April 2011. I am very lucky at mypetstop as not only do I get to care for all of the animals who in boarding with us but I also get to support them swimming in our Hydrotherapy pool. I just love working with the animals this is the perfect job for me. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Bow who is 13 years old, two cats Tali and Milly who are both 3 years old and Dwarf Rabbits Thumper and Nola who are both 6 years old.