clair wilson

    senior pet carer

    I have been working at mypetstop since March 2012. Everyday at mypetstop is so different. We board a huge range of animals fron dogs and cats to birds, rabbits and other small animals. We also offer such a diverse range of services that your pets every need really is catered for here. I love spending time with the animals and making sure their stay with us is fantastic. I have a dog named Mindy who is 3.5 years old and two cats Mickey who is 1.5 and Rosie who is nearly 1. I also have a guinea pig called Saveloy who loves his food.

        claire smiles

        senior pet carer and hydrotherapist

        I started to work at mypetstop in April 2011. I am very lucky at mypetstop as not only do I get to care for all of the animals who in boarding with us but I also get to support them swimming in our Hydrotherapy pool. I just love working with the animals this is the perfect job for me. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Bow who is 13 years old, two cats Tali and Milly who are both 3 years old and Dwarf Rabbits Thumper and Nola who are both 6 years old.

            Adam Stothard

            Pet Carer Team Leader

            I started to work at mypetstop back in 2012.  I love working with the animals and everyday is so different.  I have two dogs Digby a Springer Spaniel and Mitzy a Cross Terrier, they come to work with me everyday.  I have owned almost every pet possible.

                Gemma Hunter

                pet carer supervisor

                We are not just a team we work as a family.  Everyday is different and challenged you.  We get to work with so many different pets and each one is treat as our own.  Every pet has their own personality and the more they stay with us the more we get to know them.  I have worked at mypetstop since June 2009.  I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Roley and a fish called Marvin both were born in 2012.

                    catelin myers

                    pet carer

                    I started to work at mypetstop in December 2006. I love working at mypetstop as I get to do what I love! Playing with and caring for the animals. I ensure they are happy and enjoying their stay. I have a Chocolate Labrador called Tiberlea who is aged 8 years old, a X Breed German Shepard named Marco who is 10 years old and a Black Labrador named Merlyn who is aged 5 years old.

                        sophie best

                        senior pet carer

                        I have worked at mypetstop as a pet carer since February 2014. I love every minute of my time here, I have wanted to work with animals since I was a little girl so this job is my dream. I have a Animal Management level 3 and experience within a variety of different animal settings. I have a parrot names Paco who was born in 2005, a Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise named Gracie who was born in 2010 and a bearded dragon named Angus born in 2012