stayed october 2015

    Tyke is a lovely little dog very friendly and walks lovely on the lead.  While with us Tyke passed his doggie day camp assessment with flying colours. He mixed well with all the dogs……it’s like he’s been coming for years.


        stayed october 2015

        Treacle stayed in our cattery in October with Charlie.  They settled in really quickly, loved their visit from the pet care team and enjoyed snuggling up in the warmth of their bed.


            stayed october 2015

            Charlie stayed in our cattery in October with Treacle.  They settled in really quickly, loved their visit from the pet care team and enjoyed snuggling up in the warmth of their bed.


                stayed october 2015

                Freddie loved being snuggled in his bed on a night ready for lights out.  Freddie quickly made friends with all of the staff once we made a fuss of him.  He settled in just fine.


                    stayed october 2015

                    Freddie enjoys going up the paddock for a run around but also liked being snuggled in his apartment on a night.  Freddie is such a sweet little man.


                        stayed october 2015

                        Bentley just loved running around the paddock playing with his ball. He had so many activities booked that he was bored and when in bed on a night he curled up fast asleep in his bed.


                            stayed october 2015

                            When Pearl stayed in October the weather wasn’t very nice but she loved her morning walk anyway.  Pearl also had some swimming sessions which she got so excited for.


                                stayed september 2015

                                When Ozzy came to stay the weather was great which meant he had plenty of time outside.  He loved meeting all of the pet care staff and settled really well.


                                    stayed october 2015

                                    Olly was a star when he stay with us.  He is a lovely boy very friendly and playful. He loved doggie day camp in the mornings and then spending the afternoon lying outside sunbathing.


                                        stayed september 2015

                                        Blade really enjoyed his stay at mypetstop.  He came to use needing daily medication which he took with no problems.  He loved the paddock and the freedom to wander around and sniff where he wanted.


                                            stayed september 2015

                                            Rambo settled into mypetstop really quickly.  He loved basking in the sun in his outside area as well as cuddling up in the warmth of his unit whilst being stroked by our pet care team.


                                                stayed september 2015

                                                Cooper loved mypetstop.  He enjoys being outside and walking with the pet care staff.  Cooper is really bubbly and is a pleasure to have staying with us.

                                                    Oscar and Ruby

                                                    stayed september 2015

                                                    Oscar and Ruby loved staying with us and particularly enjoyed doggy day camp. They have been really good mixing well with all the other dogs. They have been eating and drinking normally. They are both very vocal dogs who love to get our attention with some barking especially when they see the leads and know it’s time for a walk.

                                                        Maggie and Molly

                                                        stayed august 2015

                                                        Maggie and Molly are little sweeties, they spend their days in the paddock playing with toys. They are really comfortable at mypetstop and just love being on their holidays with us.



                                                            stayed august 2015

                                                            Sunny is a lovely older man with a gentle nature. He always has a waggy tail and is really happy to see everyone.


                                                                stayed august 2015

                                                                Paddy quickly settled into the routine at mypetstop.  He was shy at first but quickly came out of his shell.  He really enjoyed running around in the paddock.  He loves all of the staff an other dogs that he see’s.


                                                                    stayed august 2015

                                                                    Alfie settled in his apartment really quickly. He was really good on this walks and took a shine to all of the pet care staff.


                                                                        stayed august 2015

                                                                        Hamish spends most of the morning’s basking in the sun before going back to his unit for a midday sleep.  Hamish also enjoyed a brush this morning and a run up the paddock. He’s loving his time with us


                                                                            Stayed august 2015

                                                                            Sweep has been a very good boy very loving and playful. He has settled into the kennels really well. He has had a bath now so he will smell lovely when he is collected.


                                                                                stayed august 2015

                                                                                Here is Kai this morning out in the play area, he has really enjoyed being outside and loves going for his walk. He will be in Doggie Day Camp today which he enjoys and tires him out so he sleeps well when he gets back to his unit.


                                                                                    stayed july 2015

                                                                                    Minster stayed with us in July 2015.  He loved being out on his walks and seeing the other dogs.  Minster was so well behaved and loved the attention from our pet care team.


                                                                                        stayed July 2015

                                                                                        Seth stayed with us in July 2015.  Seth really enjoyed his stay and the staff loved caring for him.  We don’t get very many Skunks staying with us but he was a pleasure.


                                                                                            stayed july 2015

                                                                                            Tito stayed at mypetstop in July 2015.  Tito was a dream to look after.  He loved to spend time with the pet care team.  We can’t wait to see him again soon.


                                                                                                stayed july 2015

                                                                                                Jussi is happy to see the staff and loves to run around the paddock playing with the ball. Jussi is vocal and a bit of an escape artist when you are trying to leave her in the unit. She is a very affectionate and sweet dog a joy to look after.


                                                                                                    stayed july 2015

                                                                                                    Lucas just loved playing in the paddock, running around with the pet carers.  Our pet care team think Lucas is adorable.


                                                                                                        stayed july 2015

                                                                                                        Freddie loved being outside during his stay with us, he also really enjoyed spending time in the hydrotherapy pool.  Freddie loves to swim when he stays with us.


                                                                                                            Stayed july 2015

                                                                                                            Ella is a very happy dog and is always wagging her tail. Ella enjoys going for a walk but the paddock is her favourite place she loves to run up and down the length of it greeting all the other dogs.

                                                                                                                Alife and Holly

                                                                                                                Stayed April 2015

                                                                                                                Here is a picture of Alfie and Holly in the paddock enjoying the sunshine. It took us age’s to get a photo as they enjoy running around so much.